I knew today was going to be a ‘blah’ day when a bee decided to fly into my hair, at work, and stay there for a bit.

Last week I worked at a camp with 300+ kids and worked with other counselors in my group.

This week I will be at a camp with 25 kids, and I will be in charge of about nine kids without any other counselors in my group. 

Hopefully the smaller environment will be more relaxed, but I liked having people to bounce ideas off of.

I keep unfollowing people on accident with this Tumblr app.

…got the Defender now.

I got a Wizard’s Relic without trying.

As a note, I am really happy that I got Glide before I went to Halloween Town.

Best decision ever. 


Anderson Cooper speaks to Texas State Representative Bryan Hughes, Republican Party. 

no don’t do that riku

And I have the Keyblade back because friends. 

This wooden sword sucks.